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With aspects like corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate citizenship creating their space in the international commercial world, one can no longer reckon corporate governance as a luxury subject relevant to MNCs alone.  Corporate governance has evolved into a survival factor making its impact at both, an intra-company level and company vis-à-vis the external factors level.  In view of its indispensability in today’s economic world and the rapid progression in this area, our institution has established the Centre for Governance. 

The Centre provides a common platform to the academicians and practitioners alike to voice their understandings, thoughts, comments, opinions, critical assessments and recommendations. The Centre believes that the best conceptual knowledge can be gained through practical learnings.  Accordingly, the Centre has been working towards active interface between the academicians and the industry, in terms of workshops, lectures, group discussions, debates, seminars and conferences.  

 Further, aiming for collective growth, the Centre advocates dissemination of the knowledge achieved through research work undertaken on the unsettled and/or new governance aspects.  Scholarly articles and publications are shared with the legal and commercial fraternities through the Centre as the channel.

Furthermore, the Centre attempts to update and create awareness in the industry foreground regarding all the newest developments.  For instance, the need for Indian companies to be cognizant of the US’ and UK’s anti-corruption laws having in essence extra-territorial jurisdictional approach, to qualify as a legally compliant corporate citizens.

All in all, the Centre is the institution’s face on the conscious capitalism and governance pedestal, both nationally and internationally.